Design Philosophy

Robertson Ward Associates Limited presently offers architecture, planning and graphic design services from their offices in Antigua, the Bahamas and Barbados. With an emphasis on the hospitality and leisure industry in the Caribbean, RWA has carried out a considerable number of varied projects around the world. We pride ourselves in carefully designing buildings that take into consideration, both natural surroundings and local culture, preserving and enhancing the best local qualities wherever possible. With a mind for ecology, conservation and the use of renewable energy, we design for local climatic conditions with local flair and international expertise, always striving to minimize a designs’ ecological footprint.

Each of our offices has at its helm a senior professional with considerable experience, a proven ability to motivate his team and a strong customer service orientation. Our Inter-office networking and ability to work "virtually" with in-house professionals and consultants gives the firm the added advantage of being able to draw upon the most appropriate resources and personnel. Our experienced and flexible approach to innovative design turns constraints into opportunities. RWA encourages a strong client relationship, believing in the importance of a stimulating and enjoyable design experience where the client’s voice and needs take center stage.