Residential Development

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Lyford Cay, Bahamas Lyford Cay, Bahamas
Christie Residence, Bahamas Christie Residence, Bahamas
Royal Westmoreland, Barbados Royal Westmoreland, Barbados

Whether from grand and elegant, to small and quaint, or from modern to traditional, Robertson Ward has the knowledge and experience to design residences that meet our clients’ aesthetic sensibilities and specifications, creating environments that articulate an individual’s desired design function, style and personality. We have designed a broad spectrum of residential accommodation for private clients, ranging from palatial estate houses, through to villas, condominiums and apartments or isolated, out-island cottage retreats.

Robertson Ward commissions can be found worldwide, throughout the Pacific basin and the Americas, in Europe and the Middle East, with a majority located within the tropics and sub‐tropics. In addition to resort estate construction, RWA has designed many single and multi‐family residential developments located throughout the Caribbean basin.

Some of RWA’s more notable estate developments that boast a number of varied residential designs include world renowned locations such as, the Mill Reef Club (29) in Antigua, the Cotton Bay Club (15) in The Bahamas, and the Sandy Lane Estate (40) and the Cap Estate(15) and La Toc Village (20) in St. Lucia. Other significant estates include the Lyford Cay Club (31) in the Bahamas and Royal Westmoreland (6) in Barbados. The award winning Schooner Bay condominium project (30 units) was recently completed in Barbados.

Long Island, Bahamas Long Island, Bahamas