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jorvik Jorvik Viking Museum, York
lasamana Corner Cottage Development, Bahamas
ecolodge The East Hill Club, Bahamas

A believer in the preservation of history and culture, Robertson Ward pioneered the design of historical sites with museums, such as the widely acclaimed Jorvik Viking Centre in York, which was developed in conjunction with the York Archeological Trust. Shortly thereafter, the company designed the Canterbury Tales Museum – an exciting medieval adventure in a deconsecrated, retrofitted Saxon church sited within the city centre of Canterbury, and one of Kent’s most popular tourist attractions. As well, there is A Day at the Wells Museum in Royal Tunbridge, and Legends of Cricket Museum in Barbados, opened for the Cricket World Cup in 2007.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Barbados was designed by Robertson Ward, and the restoration of the St. Peter and St. Philip Parish Churches were carried out there. In Nassau, the Holy Cross Anglican Church was designed by Robertson Ward and the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints was extensively renovated. A number of older listed buildings in the U.K., Barbados and The Bahamas have been researched and restored for present day usage, with every effort made to retain their historical integrity. Examples in Nassau include International House, the original Regimental Officer’s Quarters for the West India Regiment, and the now partly demolished, grand old East Hill Club . In Barbados Porter’s Great House was renovated and Herbert House was recently restored to its former glory to house the story of “The Cricket Legends of Barbados” for the Cricket World Cup.

We are presently assisting the Bahamas Government’s C.H.A.’s Steering Committee in drafting their mission statement for the Clifton Heritage National Park, on an unspoiled 208 acre land parcel containing a pre-Columbian Lucayan village site with artifacts and other significant, historical plantation buildings and features pre-dating the abolition of Slavery. Ongoing work will include the preparation of a master plan for the phased future development of the site.

Holy Cross Holy Cross Church, Bahamas